Soccer Coach

It has been about 8 months or longer since I wrote anything on my blog. I found it interesting that my last blog was called soccer. My current blog is called Soccer Coach. Would you ever imagine that I would ever become a soccer coach? Not me!. Last year, I volunteered as a line referee and this year coach. What a big jump for someone who does not know much about soccer. Last year I took my daughter to two practices a week and I just hung out for an hour. I thought since I will be at the practices why not be a little useful. So here I am.

The first week of August, I am planning on starting a one day a week practice for 2 hours. This will give me about 3 practices before the first game. I am excited about being coach.


On Saturday, my daughter Emma had two soccer games. The first game the Runaways won 6-1. The second game, the Runaways played the Sprites. Emma's team has not beat this team. Even though the Sprite's pushed around the Runaways, Emma's team lost
3-2. The Runaways had a great showing. Next Saturday will be their last chance to beat them during this soccer season.

The Runaways was informed that they will be going to the playoffs in December. They will have three games in one day.

I Thought I was done with driving Emma to practices 2X a week, I guess I was wrong.

Student Teaching at Jefferson

Today was my first day student teaching at Jefferson elementary school. The summer session will last 4 weeks until July 14 I believe. I am in a SDC class with 9 students. Today was an uneventful day. The teacher went over rules and procedures.

Laker's Playoffs and a New Basketball Fan?

I was watching the NBA finals-Lakers and the Celtics. My wife and children do not have watching basketball as their number one priority. I usually end up watching basketball games by myself or go to my father-in-law's house. He has a big screen tv and it is fun watching games with him.
The other day a basketball game was about to begin and my daughter Emma said, "I will watch Hoosiers with you in honor of the actor that died". Normally, I would take her up on her offer but come on, it's playoff time. I know she will never be willing to offer to watch Hoosiers again. Hoosiers is my all time favorite movie.
I might have a new basketball fan in my family. When I was about to turn the Laker-Celtic baksetball game on, Jane said, "Lakers- I am so excited!" At one point, she was in the living room and shaking pom-poms chanting "Go Lakers, let's go Lakers." I am so excited that there is another Laker fan even though she is only two!

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, it was was mine and my wife's 11th wedding anniversary. My wife thought it would be nice to celebrate our 11th by changing our children's sleeping arrangements. Moving a heavy bed, taking apart a crib, and moving other bedroom accessories. Sounds like a fun evening!

First we moved Eliza's bed into her older sister's bedroom. This did not make Emma very happy. Even though she did not want this move to happen, I think she secretly wanted Eliza back in her bedroom. In recent days, Eliza and Emma have slept in the same bedroom anyway. Eliza says "I want to sleep with Emma" and "I do not like to sleep by myself". Emma says NO! and Eliza cries (and hits Emma sometimes). Emma ends up letting her sister sleep in her room. Now offically, they are back in the same room.

Now, it was time to take apart Jane's crib and put her in Eliza's former room. This is what I heard form Jane during this process..."What's happening? Daddy is mean! NO DADDY!" It was not even my idea and Jane blamed it on me.

A day later, we did celebrate our 11th anniversary by going out to eat and watching the A-Team movie. I remember watching this tv show when I was a kid. This movie did not disappoint me. The movie was full of action. Two Thumbs Up!

Bye Stella Hills

Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to Stella Hills 4th grade resource class. This experience was at great one for student teaching. This resource class is the best resource class that I step foot in. Resource class is suppose to be extra help for students having problems in certain areas. The teacher actually taught 4th grade work and not 2nd grade. The teacher taught at the grade level but took extra time to teach the information. This was a true resource class. I would like to be in a resource class and I now saw a resource class that I can base my own classroom on.

After tomorrow, I will have two weeks before my second half of student teaching starts. I am looking forward to it. Once again, I will be in a resource class.

Snow Really?

Today is May 23, 2010. The weather should be sunny and warm. It is spring/summer. We woke up this morning and white stuff was coming down. Where did the snow come from? I lived in this town in California for 11 years and it has never snowed this late in the year. Now, I look at the window, there is almost no signs of snow.